Sunday, April 20, 2008

My First Blog Posting!!!

I've finally gone and done it ladies, I'm blogging on my own site, not borrowing from the group of someone else.!  It really was easy, didn't even need my kids help.  

I've used my pen name, Tess Miller, hope it doesn't confuse those of you that know my real name.  Actually, I hope it doesn't confuse ME, I'm the one most likely to use the wrong name to leave comments and such.

It's pink, VERY pink, isn't it?  I can live with it, just don't go thinking I'm some girly girl.  Nothing could be further from the truth as you know.  I am so much more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than a dress and heels.  And make up is only for hot dates and work.  Fashion sense is lost on me.

I feel a little lost, what do I say?  People might be reading this...Oh yeah, that's the point isn't it?  A window into my world, showing what I'd like to share.  In my case-my fiction.  It consists at this time of mostly fan fiction and short stories I've written for  the Writer's Retreat.  But I believe the quantity as well as the quality and variety will be changing over time.  Who knows, I may even attempt to submit some of them for publication again.  

Getting my stories published is a dream for me at this time, not ready to pursue it wholeheartedly yet, but it will happen.  First, perfecting of the craft is needed and I'm doing just that.  Writing and posting a flash story every other week and critiquing others is my current plan, along with occasional entries to the Flash Fiction Carnival and other sites.  

Pomme de Sang, the fanfiction site where my obsession with writing began is still getting short drabble entries from me each month, but I find it's harder to do those each time.  The place just doesn't feel like home anymore.  I enjoy it, and the writing and talented writers there; but I feel like a college coed coming home on break.  I know I'm welcome and I'm pleased to be there, but there is just so much more outside waiting for me that I don't want to linger for long. 

Hope that makes sense to you, I believe that most of you who will be reading this have been contributors to PDS as well. I'd be interested in hearing how you feel.

Well, for a first blog post, this is a lot longer than I imagined, I've managed to wax verbose when my initial worries were than I'd have nothing to say.  Funny how that works, isn't it?    



A. Catherine Noon said...

Yay! The Blog of Tess! Tess's Blog! This is awesome! And... er, pink! :D I am so excited for you, I could spit! Which is gross, but you get what I mean. Can't wait to see what else you'll do! Yay!

Dawn said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TESS!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY PINK! :D Ha ha ha I loooove the pink! I'm so glad you set this up. Look at you-up and running all on your own! You are so awesome lady!! *huggles*

Eaton Bennett said...

Wow! Writers Retreat girls - we are hot bloggers... So glad you decided to do your own
Tess and I can't wait to see what wonderful stories, ideas, photos and all manner of fun things you bring to us in here. *HUGS*

Eaton Bennett said...

Tess, I thought you might like to be Tagged, come on over to my blog and check out how to join in the fun. *Hugs*