Friday, April 25, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've Been Tagged! 

I've been tagged by Eaton Bennett. 
How am I feeling right now? Wide awake, that's strange because I work graveyards and even all nighters get tired about 5 am.

What's immediately to my left? The book I'm reading now, 'In Too Deep' by Cherry Adair.

What's on my mind? What to write for my Thursday Thirteen.

What was my last meal? Taco salad, I'm a mexi-food-aholic.

I find it hard to quit dwelling on what? My past mistakes, I've made quite a few.

The weather outside? It's dark, clear, cold, and windy. I thought it was Spring already!

I own a collection of what? Books, two signed by Laurell K. Hamilton, the rest are just some of my favorites.

What smell cheers me up? My husband's cologne, or popcorn at the movie theater, it's a toss up which is best.

What smell ruins the mood? Wet dog, or stinky feet. Again, a toss up.

Last time I shaved? Today before work.

My hair? Short, brunette. My hubby wants it long and blond but I don't have the money or time to get good dye jobs and the time in my life to care for long hair. Shower, gel, go-that's my 10 minute routine. 

Largest thing on my desk, besides the computer/ File boxes- they hold the phone numbers of staff and other legal documents needed for work. 

Skill with chopsticks? LAUGHABLE 

First place in the bookstore that I go? Romance, hands down winner. Proved it just this morning.

What do I crave? SEX, yes, I said it, it's true, didn't you want the truth?

Thoughts on the Presidential election? How much longer until it's over, I'm sick of the whole thing, it literally takes years to finish. Can't I just vote today and get it over with?

How many times have I been hospitalized this year? None, once in the Emergency Room. It's been eight years since I was admitted and kept. Being a nurse they let me do a lot of my asthma treatments by myself at home.

Where do I find a quiet moment? Don't laugh, I go to the car in the driveway and lock myself in. It's where I do most of my morning pages for the Artist's Way and wrote most of my PDS drabbles.

What do I secretly think I'd be good at? Being a sniper. With my shooting skills I'm sure I'd qualify, but I have always wondered if I could kill a human being, especially one that wasn't an immediate threat to me.

What freaks me out? DENTIST!!! Just sitting in the chair is enough to bring me to tears. I've had my jaw rebuilt three times and had dental implants four times because of an infection I caught during my last pregnancy. It took six years to clear it all up. 

What have I eaten too much of lately? Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. We got a great deal on them at the store after the holiday and I never thought I'd be sick of chocolate.

What have I never done? Had sex with anyone but my husband. He's my one and only partner, ever.

What do I never want to do? Be so ill that I can't care for myself. It's a horrible thought to be that dependant on anyone.

Who am I tagging, Nic and Rogue.


Eaton Bennett said...

Tess, I love Tagging! Particularly that we learn funny, serious and quirky things about each other.

The Lilly's said...

You've gone blue! That's good, I don't see you as a pinkish sort of a gal. It was fun reading your answers to your tag.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats on your blog, E! Hope you get lots of fun use out of it! *hugs* ~Gwen